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In Connecticut, all of the Connecticare health and medical insurance plans are "open Access. This means you can visit any doctor in the Connecticare network without getting a referral from your primary care doctor first. There are 3 types of health insurance plans. These medical insurance plans are are available for individuals and Families and business owners.

All health Plan benefits have changed

1. Hospital Deductible Health Insurance Plans: These Connecticut health plans are affordable and provide coverage for hospitals, doctors, and other medical services. The POS plan can include prescription drug coverage if you would like. There are 2 hospital deductible plans:POS 2500 deductible plan, and POS 5000 deductible plan. These plans give you copayments for doctor visits and prescription drugs, and larger payments for hospital stays and surgery.

2. Up Front Deductible plans: These health plans have low copays for Prescription drugs and Preventative Care only. Prescription drug coverage is optional. Most of the medical care is subject to a policy year deductible. Once you have paid the policy deductible, you have copayments for doctors, hospitals, and other medical services.

3. HSA Compatible plans:
These health plans have a year deductible that must be met before the health plan pays for prescription drugs and medical care. According to Federal laws, HSA Plans can only provide for preventive care on a first dollar basis. But Federal laws also allows you to open a Health Savings Account and deposit moneys into this account to pay for medical costs, prescriptions and deductibles.


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